BB Popular Toor/Arhar Dal 2 kg + Moong Dal 1 kg+Moong – Green, Whole/Sabut 1 kg, Combo 3 Items Price

Toor dal is also sometimes referred to as lentils or split pigeon peas. This usual Indian dish is frequently served with rich spices over rice and is a staple in several households and Indian restaurants. It is a type of the legume family, and it is not only tasty, but it also contains a number of health benefits.
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Moong beans is a popular food among vegetarians since it contains a lot of proteins and fibre. It is one of the easiest dals to digest and for this reason, it is often given to people recovering from an illness, especially a stomach upset. It has antioxidants which are very healthy for the good functioning of the human body. It is a well-balanced diet and could be included in our daily.
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