BB Royal Organic – Chilli Powder 200Gm + Turmeric Powder 200Gm + Coriander Powder 200Gm, Combo 3 Items Price

Organic Red chilli powder is made by grinding dried red chillies in to powder. The organic chilli powder is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C content.

It is recommended to include turmeric powder to each and every preparation of yours, as it contains antiseptic properties. Utilize it for marination or add it to the meat and vegetables while cooking. This will prevent your food from germs keeping it healthy to consume for a longer time.BB Royal Organic Turmeric powder is prepared from organically grown turmeric.

Organic Powder Coriander is derived from pure and natural coriander seeds. It is primarily used to add fragrance and taste to the recipes. It is rich in anti oxidants and anti bacterial as well. It provides relief from gastric problems in the stomach. It is one of the most essential ingredients in preparing different types of chutneys. Coriander powder prevents food from spoiling as it is a preservative as well. Coriander powder assists in the release of insulin in the body and preliminary research shows that it can also reduce cholesterol level. Coriander has properties which help in the cure of insomnia and anxiety. Coriander powder finds its applications in many medicines owing to its medicinal qualities.

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