Kapiva Organic Cow Ghee, 500 ml + Wild Honey – Pure, Natural & Healthy, 250 g, Combo 2 Items Price

Organic Cow Ghee:

Organic Cow Milk We only use 100% organic milk for our Organic Cow Ghee. Usually, cows are fed processed corn feed, which affects the quality of the milk, and hence the quality of the ghee. Instead, the cow milk we source is 100% organic. The cows feed only on organic, pesticide-free grass, ensuring that the quality of milk, and hence the ghee, is exceptional.

Wild Honey:

SOURCED FROM THE WILD: Wild Honey is made from original, authentic honey that is collected from the forests. You will notice that the taste, aroma and consistency are different from the regular apiary honey which most of the brands are selling today. The smell, colour and taste depend on the types of flowers the bees have visited. It changes from season to season (climatic variations) and forest to forest (geographical variations).

RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Our Wild Honey contains antioxidants that help maintain a healthy heart. Daily consumption of honey also helps improving eyesight. It soothes throat irritations and cough and helps fights seasonal allergy symptoms. Also, honey acts like a natural antibiotic that helps suppress infections.

IMMUNITY BOOSTER: It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals providing holistic and complete nourishment to the human body. It also helps in providing instant energy and keeps you fresh all day long. Honey with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will also help you shed weight.

KICK START YOUR DAY: Spread it on your morning toast or drop a spoonful in your Green Tea to kick start your day with Kapiva Wild Honey. The goodness of wild, pure honey while has numerous health benefits, has a delightful flavour to savour.

FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS AND FLAVOURS: Our range of honey is made from raw, pure honey obtained from bee farms that extract the honey from the forests in the Northern parts of India where our oldest traditions of collecting honey are preserved. We do not add jaggery or sugar to our honey and only the purest extracted form is poured into the honey bottle that comes to your kitchen table.

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