Organic Tattva Organic – Turmeric Powder 100G + Red Chilly Powder 100G + Coriander Powder 100G, Combo 3 Items Price

This pure yellow Organic Tattva Turmeric Powder is indubitably the most necessary spice in every Indian cuisine. It is generally used in almost all curries, snacks, soups, pickles, stews, seasonings and masalas.

Make tempting vegetables, curries and other delicacies with this Organic Tattva Red Chilli Powder. It is prepared by grinding different types of chillies in a fine powder. Some chilli powders present a dim red color but are low in spice content. The chilli powder is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A content. Vitamin A from this spice helps to keep your teeth, eyesight, skin, bones and reproductive system.

Organic Tattva – Coriander Powder is prepared by grinding roasted coriander seeds. It offers a hot and gentle flavor to curry dishes and acts as a thickener for gravies.

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