GetKrrackin! Lebanese Style Whole Roasted Almonds – 200g PET Jar | Zero Oil, Not Fried | Healthy Nuts | 100% California Almonds Price

  • SAY YES TO THE PERFECT SNACK, ANYTIME : The Perfect healthy breakfast, 4pm snacks or in among meetings/busy schedule snack. A short filling meal on the cross.
  • SINGLE SERVE PACKS: 14 unmarried serve packs of 20gms every roasted almonds. Best ate up 6 months before packaging
  • PERFECT FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: The almonds give you simply the right amount of protein and energy to enhance your strength at the same time as working out.
  • MINDFUL SNACKING: Tasty, component-controlled no sugar, better for you snack. Zero Cholesterol and Zero Trans-fats
  • EXOTIC LEBANESE FLAVOR: Delectable Lebanese flavor with wealthy garlic beneath-notes. Rich, creamy and delicious flavor in every chunk.

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