Happilo Premium Californian Almonds Roasted & Salted, 2×200 g Multipack Price

Quality Almonds, which Happilo provides, are consistently roasted and have been hand-selected to provide a crisp texture and rich flavour. You may add a few to your diet and have sustained energy throughout the day.

Our Almonds are packaged in resealable bags to maintain their crunch and freshness while travelling. It’s a healthy snack you can have whenever you want. Indulge in the nuts’ true flavour and maintain your good health.

Almonds, along with many other nuts, are very healthy since they include many essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre. It’s a great way to get some crunch into your diet without sacrificing flavour. Almonds are good for you in many ways, including improving your heart health, assisting with weight control, boosting your immune system, and more.

Eat it by the handful on the move, or sprinkle some on your plate for a satisfying crunch. Enjoy it just as you like it, whenever and wherever you choose, and win over the hearts of your friends and family. For everyone, a vegan diet that is gluten-free and does not include genetically modified foods. Free of artificial flavours and colours. Snack on this delicious treat without feeling bad about it.


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