Ministry Of Nuts Special Pack Of 3 California Almonds Premium Badam 200g each Total 600g – All Natural, Good Source Of Protein & Dietary Fibres, Zero Cholestrol & Trans Fat Price

  • Ministry of Nuts Almonds are larger and crunchier, uniform in size and feature an excellent crunch. These Almonds are premium quality,handpicked and are a hundred% natural.
  • Almonds are evidently gluten-loose and are a versatile, nutrient-rich addition to gluten-unfastened diets. Almonds are wealthy in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Great source of Vitamin E and loaded with Anti-Oxidants
  • Almonds assist in building muscle tissues, immunity, regulating blood sugar, decreasing cholesterol levels, stopping dangerous oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Good for an lively way of life ideal for each day habitual.
  • Our Almonds are saved hygienically in meals grade packaging material and that they go through a couple of tiers of assessments for the duration of the processing level to retain their freshness, crunchiness and uniformity in phrases of length, taste and shade.
  • Almonds can be eaten inside the morning after being soaked overnight and also are a excellent addition to salads, yogurts, smoothies, and oatmeals.

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