Nutty Gritties Cashewnuts – Roasted, Lightly Salted, 21 g Price

Our roasted and lightly salted Cashewnuts contain carefully handpicked, big-sized units of health and happiness. Offered in their naturally raw and perfectly whole avatars, these dry fruits pack wholesome nutrition with fewer calories. Packed in their naturally raw and carefully selected whole avatars, our Cashewnuts have a soft yet crunchy texture. Cashewnuts are big on health and nutrition as each handful serving portion packs 5 gm of protein, 13 gm of good fat and a good amount of vitamins and minerals. With as little as 172 Kcal and 5 gm of protein per ounce, Cashewnuts contain 0.9 gm of dietary fibre. Their high calcium and magnesium content strengthens bones and a high copper content improves the texture of skin and hair.

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