BB Royal Figs/Anjeer 100G + Dry Dates 100G + Pista Kernel Plain 100G + Dry Apricots 100G, Combo 4 Items Price

Figs are appetizingly sugary and feature a complex feel that merges the chewiness of their flesh, the softness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds.
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Dry Dates is one of the healthiest foods that can either be taken clean or consumed after drying. Dry dates are famous to be an all-in-one natural remedy for an amount of health-related problems. From increasing your energy levels to taking care of your cardiovascular health, date fruits contain multifaceted advantages to offer
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Pistachios are tiny and delicious nuts enclosed in shells. These are an outstanding and rich tasting nut. It as they are sometimes called are well-liked because of their little size, green colour and simple to open shells.
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Apricots are tiny drupes that resemble peaches or plums. They contain a spongy, tangy flesh beneath a thin outer skin. In the middle of the apricot is a great pit, which is inedible and needs to be removed. They are normally yellow or orange, with a slight hint of red on one side.
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