Wilbur Premium Dried California Pitted Prunes, 250 g Price

Pitted Prunes are tasty dried plums that are good for your health – a quick snack that comes with essential Vitamins and Minerals. Natural Condition, Whole Processed, Elliott and Fadei Pitted, Conventional, Organic, and Preservative Free. The Wilbur Family’s roots in California date back to 1869. Since their arrival in the Sacramento Valley, the Wilbur Family have been pioneers in farming.Â
They were the first to plant orchards in the fertile soil of the Yuba and Feather River bottoms – today considered the preeminent prune and walnut producing area of the world. Five generations later, the Wilbur Ranch continues to be a leader in California agriculture with over 3,000 acres of prunes and walnuts.Â
These prunes help in digestion, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and builds bone and muscle strength. It is a good source of iron and potassium.

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