Aashirvaad Atta/Godihittu – Select, 1 kg Pouch Price

Made from the King of Wheat – Sharbati, Aashirvaad Select is a premium quality aata which is made with love in India. This sharbati wheat flour contains 100% MP Sharbati wheat from the Sehore region of Madhya Pradesh. The grains of sharabati atta are consistent in size and have a golden sheen to it. Aashirvaad experts handpick the grains ensuring that the grains are consistent in size and have the golden glow that makes Aashirvaad Select Atta truly Select. The fields of Sharbati wheat in Sehore are sun-kissed to perfection and showered by the right amount of rain. The dough made from the King of Wheat – Sharbati, absorbs more water which leads to the rotis being sweet in taste and softer in texture. Behind every atta pack are the Aashirvaad experts who’ve made it with extra care. By using Aashirvaad’s process to lock in the nutrients in the flour, it ensures that you and your family receive all the nutrients. Aashirvaad Select makes sure that you and your family remain fit and healthy as you enjoy delicious, soft, and fluffy rotis.

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