BB Royal Atta Sharbati 100% MP Whole Wheat Rotis Stay Softer For Longer, 5 kg (Fortified) Price

The magical recipe for soft, fluffy & delicious roti is hidden in BB Royal Fortified Sharbati Atta. It is made from the Superior grade of Sharbati wheat grains sourced directly from the farmers of the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. These golden big ambers of grains are passed through multi-quality tests to ensure only clean grains go for further processing.

Sharbati is the most premium quality of wheat available in India, also known as the golden grain, because of its colour. It is slightly sweeter than other wheat, hence called Sharbati. Best grown in drought conditions and harvested with rainwater, the rich potash content in black and alluvial fertile and the low humidity condition increases the protein value in wheat by 2%. This leads to less requirement of pesticides in crops and therefore, it becomes the premium quality of wheat. It is a complete package of nourishment for your entire family. It fulfills your daily required intake of essential vitamins and minerals, without you taking note of it. Micronutrients infused Fortified whole wheat flour contain Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Iron that prevents malnourishment. Folic Acid is known for preventing deformities in children and promoting the growth and development of a healthy body.

Fortification increases the nutrient value of flour and helps to cover up the micronutrient’s i.e. vitamin and mineral requirements for the larger section of the population. BB Royal Fortified Atta range has been created for public health with research & vision to reduce nutrition-related deficiency in India.
To ensure you get 100% pure and nutritious atta we do not mix an ounce of Maida with our product. Whether your rotis are round or not, we promise your rotis will be highly nutritious and super soft. Serve your family the wholesome goodness with BB Royal Chakki Atta.

We endeavour to give you the best quality flour and the best price to our farmers. With the elimination of Middlemen, BB Team has been ensuring for the last 3 years that our farmers/ fpos get a fair remunerative price for their produce than what farmers get in Mandis.

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