Safe Harvest Jowar Atta – Pesticide Free, 500 g Price

Safe harvest Jowar Atta is sourced from a small and marginal farmer producer collective in the rain-fed area of Aruppukottai in South Tamil Nadu. It has been carefully grown to ensure that you get safe food without synthetic pesticides and without using genetically modified seeds & grounded for ready to use. All products of Safe harvest are tested in FSSAI accredited laboratories for the presence of 149 pesticide residues and a Minimum Residual Level (MRL) report is obtained. Jowar Daliya has high fibre content and helps reduce fat deposit, reduce hungry pranks which helps in weight loss. It is also rich in Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, thiamine and protein. It helps to prevent constipation and is extremely beneficial to gastric health. Jowar boosts the immune system, controls Cholesterol level, and prevents clumping of platelets thus reducing the risk of heart attack. It is anti-diabetic, prevents cancer and highly recommended for Celiac Patients as Jowar is Gluten free. Recommended for making such as Biriyani, Kheer.

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