Safe Harvest Roasted Sooji 500 g+ Groundnut 500 g + Wheat Daliya 500 g, Combo 3 Items Price

Roasted Sooji :-Sooji creates an extremely healthy and is strong and good for people who are on diet. Sooji creates an extremely healthy diet and is extraordinarily strong and good for people who are on a diet. Sooji is utilized widely in the kitchen for preparing several dishes. It is extremely easy to prepare and tasty too. Be it the delicious dessert of Halwa or the main course meal, Sooji is used as a main ingredient in a variety of Indian dishes.

Groundnut: – Peanuts can be used as a topping on savory dishes; for example, many Thai and Vietnamese dishes add a sprinkling of crushed peanuts to complete the flavor profile of a dish. You could also use crushed peanuts for baking, either as part of the cake or cookie batter or as a topping on cakes, slices, energy bars etc. +

Wheat Daliya: – Daliya, commonly called broken wheat or lapsi is a cereal food which is a reliable source of minerals. Use the highly nutritious Safe Harvest Wheat Daliya for a healthy diet.

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