Aashirvaad Svasti Cow Ghee/Tuppa, 1 L Jar Price

Aashirvaad, the brand that you love and trust, ensures that good quality products reach your kitchen and Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee stays true that. Made with love in India, Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee naturally contains Vitamin A that is known to support immunity.

Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee is made with a special SloCook process. In this process, the ghee is prepared by cooking slowly for about three and a half hours over gradually increased temperatures, which enhances its natural aroma. Enjoy this desi ghee which has a rich aroma, golden granular texture and consistent quality. Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee not only complements your cooking but also adds a delicious aroma to your dishes.

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