Amul Cow Ghee, 2 x 1 L Multipack Price

Provides a wide range of essential nutrients. Improves brain and body functions and boosts immunity. A highly clarified butter that is used traditionally in Indian cuisines. It is considered to be a healthy fat and a powerhouse of nutrients. It adds much-needed taste and health to your diet. Ghee has a great nutritive value and is a must-have to develop bone strength. 1 spoon a day of Ghee keeps you fit & strong in this fast life where we need to be active & energetic always. Ghee can be consumed for better digestion. Ghee stimulates muscle movements, strengthens the sense organ, nourishes the skin, and improves complexion. Perfect for everyday consumption and helps you stay active and provides vitality. It is considered to have healthy fats and makes the food delicious and drool-worthy.

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