Fresho Organic Cow Ghee/Tuppa Desi, 500 ml Price

Manufactured in a safe and hygeinic facility, Fresho Organic Cow Desi Ghee/Tuppa Fresho is an organic must-have in every pantry. The cows in the farms are continuously monitored in terms of health and behaviour. No chemical feed, antibiotics or vaccines are used on the cows as it might disturb their biological cycle. Each cow is free-ranged and allocated a specific clean area for grazing. Chemicals and preservatives free, use this ghee to prepare various dishes or just spread it on hot chapatis and consume deliciousness that is full of health benefits. With a promise of only the best ingredients, you can also explore Fresho Organic’s range of frozen vegetables and that has something for everyone.


Authentic ingredientsÂ

No added salt and trans fatÂ

Pure and natural

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