Green Peas Price

40159907 1 super saver green peas
Super Saver Green Peas, 1 kg

Super Saver Green peas are pale green coloured, rounded, mildly sweet tasting, mature legumes that have most of their moisture removed. They are low in

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Super Saver White Peas, 1 kg

Super Saver Peas White are a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, is a very fine supply of cholesterol-lowering fiber. It also

Green Peas Price in India

Looking for green peas price in India? Here you find wholesale rate and updated green peas price list that will help you save on your online grocery purchase. Before we mention all the prices, it is worthy to understand what are green peas and why are they are healthy for consumption.

Green Peas are one of the oldest cultivated crops, dating back to the ancient Greeks. Originally, the peas were grown for their dried seeds. Their name, “pease,” was derived from the Greek word for “pison.” In the early 1600s, two letters were dropped from the name and the pea became known as a “pea.”

Green peas are also high in fibre, a type of plant protein that prevents unhealthy bacteria from settling in your digestive tract. They also lower LDL cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, peas are rich in zinc, which is a heart-healthy mineral. They also help prevent cancer, and inhibit tumor growth.

What are the benefits of eating green peas?

Green peas are healthy addition to your diet due to the high amount of dietary fiber they contain. Just one half cup of split dried green peas contains eight grams of fiber, or 33 percent of the daily recommended amount. Soluble fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, while insoluble fiber sweeps waste through your intestines and promotes bowel regularity. Additionally, a diet high in fiber can protect you against type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Green peas contain several beneficial phytonutrients. These include flavanols, phenolic acids, and saponins. They are also packed with complex carbohydrates, which are great for controlling blood sugar levels. Their low glycemic index helps people maintain a steady blood sugar level and prevent type 2 diabetes.

In addition to being low-calorie, green peas contain a high level of vitamin C, folic acid, and protein. In addition, they are a great source of antioxidants. These nutrients make them a valuable addition to any diet. They are also an inexpensive way to add flavor to a variety of dishes.