24 Mantra Organic Poha (Flattened Rice/Aval/Atukulu), 500 g Pouch Price

Flattened rice is also called Poha or Atukulu or A val or Flattened rice. Poha, as it is called in India, has relatively higher nutritional content than white rice due to the presence of the aleurone layer. Poha is very convenient and ready to use the product. 24 Mantra Organic Poha or Flattened Rice/Aval /Atukuluhas no bleaching agent or whitening agent added to it. And it is not the thin paper poha variety. Features – Our Organic Poha (Flattened Rice/Aval/Atukulu) is 100 % Organic
Grown without synthetic Pesticides Grown without synthetic GMOs Free of bleaching and whitening agent Gluten-free A source of energy Versatile ingredient

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