Rice Price in Delhi

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Rice Price in Delhi

Check latest rice price listing in Delhi online. Here you can find the current rice price listing to help you shop in your online purchasing. You get to understand the price range of good quality rice price in Delhi and also the wholesale charge of  rice in Delhi. 

The price of basmati rice rose by Rs 200 per quintal on Wednesday on the wholesale grains market in Delhi. This rise was attributed to better demand for the grain during the marriage season. Wheat, barley, and other commodities traded at close to previous levels. Market-men attributed the rise to a better demand for rice during the wedding season. The price of rice for cooking purposes was comparatively higher than other staple foods. However, the prices of other grains and flours remained stable.

Earlier this week, India’s government banned the export of wheat, which had led rice traders to buy more and place unusual orders for longer deliveries. This was despite the fact that the country has sufficient stocks of the grain. As a result, local prices were cheaper than state-set support prices. On June 3, the government of neighbouring Bangladesh allowed private traders to import rice to compensate for the shortfall. But the ban has raised concerns over the impact on India’s rice exports.

The price of local rice is now close to last year’s high of 1,940 rupees per 100 kg. However, this hike in support price will force the government to spend more on buying the grain from farmers. It is hoped that the government will spend more to purchase the rice and other grains. This is good news for farmers and buyers alike. It will also help Indian farmers, who are already facing a plethora of problems, to stay afloat.

The FAO All-Rice Price Index tracks global prices for rice. The FAO index also takes into account changes in prices for Aromatic and Japonica rice. While it may not be an exact reflection of the price of rice in Delhi, it will help gauge its level and predict where prices are heading in the future. There’s always a risk that demand for rice may fall short of supply, but the global market for the commodity remains healthy and abundant.

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