Rice Price in Punjab

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Rice Price in Punjab

Check latest rice price listing in Punjab online. Here you can find the current rice price listing to help you shop in your online purchasing. You get to understand the price range of good quality rice price in Punjab and also the wholesale charge of  rice in Punjab. 

Farmers in Punjab are getting better prices for the early variety of Basmati rice after its arrival in the grain markets of the state. The price of basmati in the last year’s crop was anywhere between Rs 1,651 and 2,200 per quintal. The early variety of Basmati has now started to reach the markets of Amritsar and Tarn Taran. Farmers have been getting prices between Rs 2,350 and 2,891 per quintal compared to Rs 1,651 to 2,200 last year.

Last year, basmati was trading at its highest rate in the international market but farmers were getting the lowest prices on the domestic market. The government must bring in a policy that plugs the gaps in the prices. Last year, farmers had increased their area under 1509 acreage but they faced huge losses due to the crash in prices. In addition, farmers are protesting in the capital demanding the legalization of MSP for all crops.

According to Harsh Girdhar, the vice-president of Bhartiya Vyapar Mandal, the price of basmati has been rising. He has cited several reasons for the high basmati price including a decrease in sowing area in 1121, new markets for basmati in Iraq and Iran, and the global grain crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In addition, basmati prices have reached their peak for this season and may fall again before Chinese New Year.

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