Elina Long Grain Sabudana Rice, 1 kg Price

Elina Long Grain Rice is a long grain non-basmati rice. Our Elina Long Grain Rice is packed with long, fluffy grains and is an excellent choice for steaming. This rice will yield a fluffy stir-fried dish in no time. The grains are in uniform size and does not stick after cooking. If cooked properly it enlarges almost double its size. It has a rich aroma, great taste and known for its freshness.

This rice is free from pesticides and chemical and has high nutritional content. It is widely used for making delicious cuisines like Pulao, Biryani, Plain Rice, Kheer, etc. Elina Long Grain Rice is perfect for creating authentic Asian Cuisine. It still retains its original texture and flavor, even when cooked at its recommended length of 45 minutes.

This long-grained rice is a great way to get the most out of your rice. The grains cook evenly and consistently, resulting in perfectly fluffy results with every batch. Our Long Grain Rice is highly prized, with a fluffy texture and more delicious flavour.

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