GoodDiet Buckwheat Seeds, 500 g Price

Looking to get on the superfood trend? We’ve got your back. GoodDiet Buckwheat Seeds are versatile grains that will help kick start your health journey. Gluten-free and a great substitute for people who are allergic to wheat, this bag of healthy goodness is a great addition to your pantry. Add these to your diet, in salads, baked goods, and even cooked and eaten as porridge, these grains are known to reduce cholesterol and manage blood pressure. They are high in fibre which helps in digestion and it is ideal for people suffering from celiac diseases. From Quinoa grains to Sunflower seeds, GoodDiet’s brings to you a range of rice and grains that has something for everyone.


Rich in healthy fibresÂ

Filled with essential fatsÂ

Transfat free

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