Kitchen Treasures Golden Turmeric Health Drink Mix, 250 g Duplex Box Price

Kitchen Treasures Golden Turmeric Milk is a delicious blend of Curcumin and Trikatu (Ginger, Balck Pepper & Long Pepper).

A single serve contains 50 times more Bio Actives (It takes 50 kg Turmeric to extract 1 kg of curcumin) than an equivalent composition of Turmeric Spice Powder.

This makes it a much stronger composition than an ordinary Haldi doodh and the Trikattu in it enhances the body’s ability to absorb Curcumin.

Kitcen Treasures Golden Turmeric Milk Comes from the House of Synthite the worlds largest Value added Spices company and the largest Cucrcumin producer.

Supposts Immunity & Boosts Metabolism , 50X more bioactives , Geat Taste.

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