Dhampur Green Icing Sugar/Sakkare, 250 g Box Price

Dhampur Green Icing Sugar is micro-pulverized to twice the fineness of most fine sugars, and so its fine grind provides a silky-smooth and soft finished texture that is ideal for royal icing and buttercream. Blending in instantly, it is also used to make shortbread, cream fillings, marshmallow, frostings, silky fondants, high-gloss icings, glazes, and also for dusting over cakes and desserts for decoration. Quick to dissolve in hot or cold beverages, it works well in iced drinks, cocktails, and sorbets.Dhampur Green Icing Sugar is the icing on the cake for birthdays, weddings, graduations or any special moments in life as it sets firmly every time, making every occasion extraordinary. Our Icing Sugar is gluten-free as we use corn starch rather than a wheat-based product to ensure it is free-flowing.Other Names: Confectioner.Sugar

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