Equal Original Low-Calorie Sweetener – Sugar Free, Low Calories, Sugar Control, Diabetic Friendly, 75 g (100 Sachet x 0.75 g Each) Price

Diabetes does not mean you can’t satisfy your sugar cravings. Sometimes you just need desserts, especially when a little sugar can lift your spirits. With very simple swaps, you can consume your favourite beverage and a variety of sweet treats without increasing your blood sugar level. Introducing, Equal Original Low-Calorie Sweetener to make your life sweeter without compromising your health. Too many calories, regardless of source, can lead to serious illness; therefore, shift to Equal because a healthy you equal a healthy family. You can relax and enjoy every moment worry-free with just the right amount of sweetness and low calories. Whenever you crave for sugar, reach out for Equal sweeteners. Simply sprinkle sugar free sweetener over your everyday hot masala tea, refreshing lassi, or energising nimbu-paani to add the perfect sweetness. Carry your healthy sugar companion with you wherever you go to choose the smarter way of sweetness. Having diabetes doesn’t mean the end of sweet treats. If you tend to binge on sweet delicacies, then switch to Equal.

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