Trucrose Premium Low Gi Natural Herbal Sugar – Diabetic Friendly, 500 g Price

Trucrose sugar is a Low Glycemic Index Natural Herbal Cane sugar. It contains a combination of natural herbal extracts that reduce the Glycemic index (GI) of Sugar. The GI value of Trucrose low GI Sugar is 43, which is considered as a Low GI food as compared to normal sugar which has a GI of 65. This herbal sugar is a diabetic-friendly product that can be consumed by patients with diabetes, prediabetics and health-conscious individuals.

Benefits of low GI foods are:

Maintains blood glucose levels

Lower the risk of type 2 Diabetes

Lower the risk of lipid problems and weight management

Lower the risk of fatty liver maintains the immunity function etc. It does not have any chemicals, and it is completely safe.

Natural Herbal Cane Sugar and it is an alternative to regular Sugar and Artificial Sweetener

No chemical or bitter aftertaste

Maintains blood sugar levels and lower the risk of type 2 Diabetes

Improves Lipid Levels & Weight Loss

Lower the risk of fatty liver

Steady and maintain the energy levels

Completely Safe

Good for Sweets and Beverages

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