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50 Glorious years of Excellence
äó¢ When the history of Tea is written down, 1966 will be a celebrated Chapter. For in that year, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea was born, with a promise – To foster excellence in each Cup. Fifty years on, we have not forgotten that promise. Ordinary teas usually provide either strength of just flavour. However, Only Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea contains the precious essence of the Finest fresh tea leaves, giving you the perfect balance of strength and flavor. A flavor, which can only be matched by the exquisite melodies composed by the maestros who have been our ambassadors over the decades.
äó¢ Rigor in Selection and Blending
äó¢ The tea from every tea estate has its own taste – because of its terroir, pluck and flush. How then do we turn it all into the unique Taj experience for our customers – year after year? Enter our master tasters and blenders, and their traditions, built over many years. It takes millions of tastings and years of experience to be a taste for Taj Mahal Tea. The brew is golden-orange in colour, has a rich taste and an uplifting aroma.
äó¢ So go ahead, savour the flavour of this historic blend, and enjoy the perfect taste of this priceless cup of tea and exclaim- Wah Taj!
Features & Benefits –
äó¢ Taj Mahal Teas are Tasted, graded and perfectly blended at the Brooke bond Tea Excellence Centre
äó¢ Taj Mahal tea comes in a Unique Flavor Lock pack
äó¢ A cup of Taj Mahal tea invites you to cheer your senses
äó¢ Perfect balance of strength and flavor
äó¢ Blended Since 1966
äó¢ Also available in Tea bags

Britannia Nice Time was the pioneer of sugar sprinkled biscuits in India. This exclusive product managed to create such a strong consumer pull that soon there was a rush of opponent products in the market, obviously indicative of the success of the concept.

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