Borecha Orange Kombucha – Probiotic, 330 ml Price

Borí©cha, is a tea-based sparkling Kombucha.

Its twelve flavours infuse great taste and freshness to Borí©cha, making it an ideal stand-alone refresher as well as a mixer with alcoholic beverages.Œæ

It soothes your system, repairs it, refreshes it and reboots it.

It also serves as a fantastic cocktail companion with its light tropical zesty fruit flavours.

Borí©cha, has just 3 grams of sugar and 17 calories per 100 ml, an ideal minimal sugar low-calorie beverage loaded with beneficial probiotics and full of anti-oxidants.

You never know when you might need your Borí©cha fix.

Itäó»s available in cans which makes it ideal to store, refrigerate and carry. So pop it in your gym bag, keep it snugly in your car bottle holder slot or chilled glove compartment, or in your work satchel.

Borí©cha. Your Anytime Anywhere drink.

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