Basso Olive Pomace Oil, 500 ml Bottle Price

Olive-Pomace oil is made from the residue left after producing virgin olive oil. Olive Pomace Oil is the main cooking grade oil. It is a light oil with neutral taste and flavor and is the most suitable oil for Indian cuisine. Olive pomace oil is obtained by treating the olive residue paste (after the fruit has been pressed) with solvents to extract the oil and then blending this product with extra virgin oil in order to enhance the product and its health benefits. Olive pomace oil is the least expensive olive oil. Why Olive Oil :- Olive oil is the world´s healthiest cooking oil with the highest levels of MUFA 82% (good fat) and one of the lowest levels of saturated fat 10% (bad fat). MUFA in olive oil lowers cardiac risk,

and also reduces the risk of diabetes.Fried is in Oily is out.

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