La Espanola Extra Light Olive Oil, 2 L Bottle Price

La Espanola extra light Olive oil, is made from the raw pulp of the olive fruit. It is a 100% natural process that is made using cold extraction technology. This ensures the retention of authentic flavor, taste and health benefits of the oil. The oil is extracted from premium olives which have an exceptional taste and quality, and are ranked amongst the world’s best olives. Drizzle the extra light olive oil for cooking or as a dressing on salads to keep your heart health in check and enjoy the deliciousness of hearty Italian cooking. It contains zero trans fat and cholesterol. Packed with the goodness of antioxidants, olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E and supports your metabolism. A healthier pick than vegetable and seed oils, our olive oil is neutral in taste and can be used for all types of Indian cooking including deep-frying, roasting, etc.

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