La Espanola Pomace Olive Oil, 1 L Pet Bottle Price

La Espanola Pomace Olive Oil is superbly suited for grilling and roasting due to its ability to withstand high temperatures without losing any of its natural goodness. The smooth and subtle flavor makes our Classic Olive Oil a versatile addition to your cooking routine. Characterized by mild flavor and aroma. La Espanola Pomace Olive Oil offers a smooth blend of pleasant bitterness, fruit, and spice. Well-balanced and easygoing, our Classic Pomace Olive Oil will gently enrich and complement the flavors of your dish.

The high smoking point and subtle character make it a go-to for grilling or roasting vegetables and meats at high temperatures. La Espanola Pomace Olive Oil is a versatile staple for all kitchens. Whether you own a business or are cooking at home, our full range of formats offers the right size for you.

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