Rafael Salgado 100% Pure Olive Oil, 175 ml Pet Bottle Price

RS 100% Pure Olive Oil comes from the hills of Cordoba / Seville. It is characterized by its soft taste, absence of bitterness, the fruitiness of the olive. It is clean to the mouth and appetizing, with a potent flavour in the meals thanks to its fruitiness. His story. By Javier Salgado. The Salgado family is a family business that has been developing and selling olive oils since 1875. The RS-Rafael Salgado Brand sells more than 14 million kilos of olive oil per year. It specialises in quality oils for the Hospitality sector and the export of olive oil to more than 125 countries. The Salgado family has always been concerned with quality, specialization, service care and brand image as symbols of guarantee. The RS – Rafael Salgado brand is one of the three top Spanish exporter brands and distributes to more than 125 countries. In Spain, it is currently the leading brand of Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil used in the hotel industry. RS – Rafael Salgadoâ€_x009d_. It is widely found in hotels and at restaurant tables with their oil and vinegar dispensers. It can also be found as gifts in wooden boxes exclusively in the rooms of some of the most emblematic hotels such as the Hotel Palace. We cannot plant an olive tree at the table so instead, we provide a bottle of exquisite quality.

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