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Looking for refined oil price? Find best deals on refined oil prices. Last year, a 15-litre can of branded sunflower oil cost around Rs2,400. However, the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has hit the refined sunflower oil price. It has led to a shortage of the oil, which has caused the price to rise. Currently, the price ranges from Rs2,650 to Rs3,100 per 15-litre can. Aside from this, the current price is still far cheaper than last year’s.

Marketers of sunflower oil have responded to the increase in prices by reducing production and increasing advertising. This has forced manufacturers of products which rely on sunflower oil to change their recipes and use other kinds of oil. Meanwhile, home cooks may try to cope with the price rise by changing their cooking methods or trading down to cheaper supermarket own-label oils. Meanwhile, restaurants and food companies use large amounts of sunflower oil to prepare dishes. However, their prices are being affected by other rising costs.

Meanwhile, the price of rapeseed is also rising. This crop was hit by a terrible growing season in Canada, where temperatures were nearly 50C. In addition, the smaller harvests of soya bean oil expected from growers in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay are also pushing up the price of soya bean oil. The price of rapeseed oil may continue to rise, however, until the harvest in these countries increases.

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