Masoor Dal Price 1Kg

Are you looking for 1kg masoor dal price? Here you can find the best and the lowest online masoor dal price 1kg in India. Due to the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there has been a steady rise in masoor dal price and supply. In addition, unfavourable weather and restricted transportation increased freight charges and thus, the market of masoor dal has increased on online platforms. 

Masoor Dal is one of the most popular Indian foods. If you are looking for the best price for this delicious Indian staple, consider shopping for Masoor Dal online. There are several Masoor Dal suppliers and manufacturers in India. Each of them has its own price range and different features. Using Dial4Trade, you can find the lowest price quote for Masoor Dal and compare it with the other options available.

Among the many benefits of this nutritious legume, the best thing about Masoor Dal is its nutritional value. It is rich in protein, iron, dietary fibre, and vitamin A, C, and E. It helps to regulate Blood Sugar, is high in fibre, and is beneficial for lowering cholesterol. It is also good for people with heart problems, pregnant women, and growing children. However, it can be a bit pricey if you eat too much of it.

When cooking Masoor Dal, it does not change colour like toor dal does. Its thick texture makes it a satisfying meal. While other dals change colour when cooked, Masoor Dal remains the same colour throughout the cooking process. If you have ever cooked Masoor Dal, you know how delicious it can be. There is nothing like it to fill you up. And it tastes better than other Indian dals!

In the month of February, the price of Canadian lentils at the Mundra port was Rs 5,200 per quintal. Today, it is trading at Rs 7,500/quintal, a 46% increase. The retail price for masoor dal is now over Rs 100 a kilogram! The price for whole, loose masur in Madhya Pradesh, for instance, has gone up by 55% since February. Consequently, the price for a quintal has increased by Rs 8,050.

To make it easy to find for our users, we have shortlisted some of the most popular masoor dal in 1kg packagings. Please note these prices are constantly changing and could be different at the time of actual purchasing. The price of masoor dal depends on the type of product and the region it is produced in. During the current price surge, consumers have been paying more than triple the price of a month’s supply. This is because more buyers are willing to pay higher prices, as the price of masoor dal has skyrocketed.

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