LO! Foods Ultra Low Carb Flour – Keto Atta, High In Fibre & Protein, 1 Kg Pouch Price

1) 3 gms net carbs: The Superfoods seeds formulation of our Keto Flour Low Carb Atta makes it Ultra Low Carb, as well as High on Fibre and Nutrients. It is perfect for a Keto Diet along with Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet and Vegan Diet.

2) Formulated for a keto diet – The Lo! Keto flour for Keto diet has been tested using Blood and Urine Ketone meters by practitioners to show that you remain in Ketosis. This makes them perfect for making Keto Diet snacks along with diabetes or diabetic snacks.

3) Used by professionals: The Keto Atta Flour is used by Homemakers and Professional Chefs, due to its superior taste and texture. No after taste or smell. You can make Keto food products like Parathas, Rotis, Cookies, Keto Bread and more.

4) Easy to make – No need to use warm water or give 10-15 minutes of resting time. Make the dough and cook like you do with regular Atta, and you get great soft and puffed-up Rotis and fulkas. So easy, that even your Cook can make it.

5) Customer review: Pratyush Prasanna says “I have used Lo! Keto Atta ultra low carb version for many months now. I initially got this keto atta for weight loss, but I use it now even when not on a Keto Diet.”

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