bb Combo Tata Sampann 200g (Each) Turmeric Powder+ Red Chilli+Coriander Powder+ Tata Salt Iodized1 Kg, Combo 4 Item Price

Tata coriander powder is coarse-grounded from premium coriander seeds. Coriander powder is described as warm, nutty, spicy, and orange-flavoured. It is used to add lemony flavour and thicken the curry.

Grasp the fresh, fine grade tata chilli powder to increase up the pungency of the culinary preparations that you frequently consume. Let the flavour go high with the culinary preparations you create with it. Chilli powder is also utilized as a colour and flavour enhancer in Indian cuisines.

Tata and quality are synonymous in the world today. Tata Iodized Salt has been a staple in kitchens for generations now. This salt was first manufactured by Tata in a vacuum-sealed pack, around the year 1983. Salt is one of the most important ingredients we use in food and cooking. It is a good method for food fortification and it also adds taste and flavour to any dish.

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