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209285 4 saffola salt

Saffola Salt/Uppu, 1 kg Pouch

Saffola Salt Plus is known for its amazing health benefits and is the perfect addition to any meal-the way salt was meant to be savoured.

40200518 4 aashirvaad salt proactive

Aashirvaad Salt/Uppu – Proactive, 1 kg

Aashirvaad ensures that only superior quality ingredients reach your kitchen and Aashirvaad Salt Proactive stays true to that word. Refined, iodised and potassium enriched, Aashirvaad

40012288 4 keya table salt

Keya Table Salt/Uppu, 200 g Tin

Keya Table Salt: Free Flowing All Purpose Iodised Salt 100% Natural, 100% Pure, Packed in a convenient Ready For the Table Dispenser.

241600 5 tata salt iodized

Tata Salt Iodized, 1 kg Pouch

Tata and quality are synonymous in the world today. Tata Iodized Salt has been a staple in kitchens for generations now. This salt was first

Salt Price in India

Check latest price of salt online in India. Here you can find the lowest online price of himalayan pink salt, black salt, rock salt, and organic sea salt. Salt price in India have been rising for some time now and there are specific reasons behind it. One main reason is the high demand of powdered iodized salt over traditional common salt. Salt is one of the most basic, yet essential, ingredients in any kitchen. The average ounce of table salt is only eight to 10 cents, but you can find high-end salts for a higher price.

Buying in bulk will also lower the cost of rock salt. Purchasing in bulk is ideal for businesses that require large amounts of salt. Some businesses need up to 20 tons of rock salt per year, while others only need a few tons a year. This means that shipping thousands of miles is not always cost-effective. Local sources, such as those owned by the state transportation department, may have better prices than international sources. In addition, ocean barges can transport large amounts of salt and can make the cost per ton more affordable than buying it in bulk.

On Priceo, you can find price of 10 best salt brands in India. Some of the popular salt brands are Tata Salt, Sundar Health Salt, Catch Salt, Aashirvaad Salt, Patanjali Namak, Keya Salt, Saffola Salt, and Puro Salt.

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