Catch Pink Rock Salt – Premium, Rich In Minerals, Helps In Digestion, Improves Skin Health, 1 kg Pouch Price

Enhance your health with Catch Premium Pink Rock Salt, which has been shown to aid with bone health, skin health, and digestion.

  • Benefits to health include a decreased salt content*, a high concentration of naturally occurring trace minerals, and no artificial ingredients. It has been shown that consistent usage improves health in many ways.
  • DRAWN FROM THE HEIGHTS: It has been prized for its rarity and use for a long time since it grows wild in the highlands. This salt is said to be the cleanest on the planet.
  • COOKING AS MEDICINE: The healthiest part of your day. The natural flavours are heightened by its earthy flavour. It has the potential to be an excellent addition to a wide variety of dishes, grilling, roasting, and seasoning methods.
  • Pink Rock Salt, Rock Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Sendha Namak, Suddha Namak, Pink Rock Salt Powder, and similar terms are often used in online searches.

Try some genuine mountain salt just where it was mined! You may use your Sehatmand* Sathi in place of salt when you cook, grill, roast, and season. A lot of people swear by this stuff to help their skin, their bellies, and their bones. Most of the world’s best chefs agree that Pink Rock Salt is the best cooking salt because of its greater mineral content. You may use Catch Premium Pink Rock Salt in place of regular table salt in all your favourite recipes. The item is also appropriate for use while fasting (Vrat). * A reduced sodium content compared to regular salt. Instructions for Safe Storage: Always store in a cool, dry location.


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