bb Combo Aashirvaad Powder – Chilly 200 gm + Saffola Active Edible Oil 1 ltr, Combo 2 Items Price

Aashirvaad Chilli Powder is used as a feature in curry powder and in seasonings. It is finished from red chillies. Red chilli is the dried ripe fruit of Capsicum frutescens. Chilies are also dried and roasted and salted for later use as a side dish for rice varieties like vadam. It is so crunchy, sun-dried and carefully cleaned.

Saffola is a health care brand consisting of edible oils and foods. Saffola believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy body & heart.

Saffola Active is a blended oil that helps you stay fit & active. It has a balanced profile of fatty acids (PUFA and MUFA) with the additional benefits of Omega 3, Oryzanol and Vitamin E. Saffola Active is a blend of 80% Refined Rice Bran Oil and 20% Refined Soyabean Oil.

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