Fresho Signature Fruit Seeds Nuts Snacks, 2×50 g Multipack Price

Fresho Signature presents an array of dry fruits, seeds and nuts apart from the ordinary to give you the best of the best to indulge. Why munch on junk food when you can just pop in a handful of this healthy snack. To give you a variety, this wholesome mixed pack contains candied fruits, salted nuts and roasted seeds. It makes a great snack for someone who is always on the go and boosts their energy.

The candied dry fruits, roasted seeds and the salted nuts assortment is packed with nutrients that aid in curbing hunger and keeping an eye on your weight. Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, whereas black grape and strawberry are packed with antioxidants that boost immunity. Almonds are known to improve bone health and peanuts carry a great amount of protein. When it comes to the seeds we have opted for you, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pumpkin seeds hold a good source of fibre and protein that help control the body weight. This nourishing snack pack benefits overall health and keeps you active.

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