Anveshan Himalayan Cinnamon Powder – Stone Ground, Natural, No Preservatives, Chemical Free, 300 g Price

The Anveshan Stone-Ground Cinnamon Powder is curated with 100% organic cinnamons to add a pleasant aroma to your sweets, gravies and biryanis. Cinnamon Powder is considered a prominent spice in every Indian kitchen for its aroma and medicinal properties. The Cinnamon Powder by Anveshan is curated with 100% organic cinnamon farmed from the Himalayas and its benefits are kept intact. This Anveshan Stone-Ground Cinnamon Powder helps control blood-sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Its antioxidant properties prevent cancer by removing free radicals from your body. Explore the wide range of Anveshan Oils and Spices only on Big Basket.

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