BB Royal Organic – Cinnamon/Chakke Powder, 100 g Price

Cinnamon powder can be a powerful and delicious ingredient for both savoury and sweet dishes. Organic spice has amazing medical benefits. The spice is loaded with antioxidants, it can improve sensitivity to insulin and helps in lowering blood sugar levels and so much more! BB Royal’s Organic Cinnamon Powder is a premium spice, packed with flavour. You can use the cinnamon powder in baking delicacies including cinnamon rolls, cinnamon cookies, as well as add it to a variety of savoury dishes.

BB Royal is a premium brand of organic staples by Big Basket. The entire range of products is sourced from the best of farms and products to ensure high-quality standards. BB Royal after rigorous scrutiny. All BB Royal products are cleaned and packed in hygienic facilities in high-quality food-grade packaging. There is a no questions asked return policy on all BB Royal products in a bid to provide you nothing but the best!

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