Qualinut Gourmet Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sticks – Rich Anti-Inflammatory Properties, 50 g Pouch Price

Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon Quills: Handpicked from the fields of Sri Lanka Description: Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon Quills! A condiment that elevates the taste of any food or beverage to a whole new level. Known for their sweet and subtle aroma, they are enough to brighten up your day and make you feel calm. Over 90% of store-bought cinnamons are Cassia. Carved from the best plantations in Sri Lanka. We import these pure and natural quills to be used as an immensely potent natural solution in food and health ailments. Be assured that these Quali rolls will give you immediate results due to their superior medicinal properties.

Health Benefits

• Pure Sri Lankan Cinnamon

• Loaded with Antioxidants

• Rich Anti-Inflammatory Properties

• Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

• May protect against Cancer

• Helps fight Bacterial and Fungal infections (Boosts Immunity)

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