Catch Garam Masala 100 g+ Sabzi Masala 100 g, Combo 2 Items Price

Catch Garam Masala is a blessing in disguise. Garam masala is a combination of multiple spices grinded together in perfect combination to produce an all-purpose Indian spice.Â
Catch Garam Masala is prepared using Low-Temperature Grinding, which makes all the simple masalas retain their original taste and complement each other. Garam Masala adds a savoury and spicy taste to any simple dish. Catch Garam Masala can be used across any Indian cuisine. This is a Jain product.
Catch Sabzi Masala ensures that you have a delicious vegetable dish for every meal. Catch Sabzi Masala is all about the subtle and balanced flavour and aroma of exotic spices. These spices turn any boring vegetable dish into a tasty treat. This product contains Onion & Garlic.

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