Kpl Shudhi Coconut Milk Powder, 100 g Pouch Price

Use the pure and fine quality KPL Shudhi Coconut Milk Powder, made using the ingredients like Coconut Milk Solids, Malto Dextrin Sodium Caseinate (milk Protein). The pure and authentic Coconut Milk Powder brings you the utmost flavour, to the culinary preparations it is used. Fresh coconut milk extracted from the sterilised white kernels is standardised, pasteurized, homogenised and spray dreid into a fine consistency of Coconut Milk Powder, whcih retains the natural nutty flavour and texture of fresh coconut milk. Coconut Milk Powder is convenient, economical, natural and flexible to use with all the characteristics , aroma and taste of fresh coconut. Just add water ; fresh coconut milk is ready for use. It eliminates the chore of cracking, grating and squeezing of coconuts. No need to refrigerate ; it can be stored in airtight container for a long period.

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