Praakritik Organic Ginger Powder, 100 g Price

Our Organic Ginger Powder is made from ginger roots sourced from the finest organic farms in North East India. It is pungent and spicy in aroma and has a warm, zesty, and sweet bite. Great for beverages, cooking, and baking, this powder is also a powerhouse of nutrition. It can also be consumed for weight loss. Our Organic Ginger Powder is a quintessential part of every Indian kitchen and has earned its place as a spice for all occasions. Also known as Sonth, Saunth, Adu, Sukku, Chukku, Soonti, or Shunti, this pale yellow powder is a must-have for your overall wellbeing. This powder is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds like gingerol that can treat nausea, morning sickness, joint aches, and muscle spasms. It also helps in lowering blood sugar levels, treating chronic indigestion, and lowering cholesterol levels.

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