Spice Liquid Chai Masala Drop, 3 ml bottle Price

Spice Liquid Chai Masala Drop produces a warming, soothing effect, act as a natural digestive aid and gives one a wonderful sense of well being. Chai Masala Liquid is a powerful blend of herbs and spices to preserve health and increase peace of mind. Chai gives you positiviTEA. Used to make spicy tea beverages. Experience the Liquid aroma which is the mixture of Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Clove. It serves as an energy drink which makes your day more productive. Masala Tea helps to boost your immunity as various kinds of Spices are present. It has all the tantalising flavours to make your evening tea a lot more enjoyable. Serve Homemade masala chai to your guests, coming over for tea.

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