Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil, 2 L Bottle Price

Make the healthier oil choice with Bertolli’s trusted heritage of 150 years with their Extra Light Olive Oil!

– Bertolli’s olive oil goes through a special filtration process that makes it extra light in taste and a healthy substitue to traditionally used cooking oils and ghee. The smell of this oil doesn’t overpower the flavours in your dishes.

– The antioxidants, MUFA, PUFA and Vitamin E components in the oil help keep cholesterol and weight in check, and is good for the heart.

– The oil is suitable for all types of cooking – frying, sauteing, baking, or roasting.

– As compared to other edible oils, you need only 1/3 qty of Bertolli’s Extra Light Olive Oil for cooking. You can also reuse the oil for up to 6 times.

– No chemicals are added to the oil, making it 100% natural and safe for regular consumption.

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