Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil, 5 L Tin Price

Always looking for perfection in what you do and the choices you make for you and your family? Want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on quality and authentic taste? We, at Leonardo Olive Oil, understand your needs and have crafted the perfect solution for you. Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil. Made from 100% Mediterranean olives, grown in the perfect soil and climatic conditions and ranked amongst the world’s best olives due to their exceptional taste and quality. Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil is a naturally refined oil infused with extra virgin oil, a natural source of Vitamin E, which is good for your skin and hair. Now make your everyday meals, including deep-fried and roasted food, healthier and tastier. Leonardo Olive Oil. The goodness of 100% Mediterranean Olives in every bottle. Guaranteed.–Features:Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil is extracted from 100% Mediterranean olives.Mediterranean Olives, with exceptional taste and quality, are ranked amongst the world’s best olive.Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil is refined olive oil that is infused with extra virgin olive oil.It uses 67% lesser oil that your regular refined oil and ensures 33% oil is saved while frying food.

A natural source of Vitamin E, Leonardo Pomace Oil is rich in anti-oxidants and very good for your hair and skin.It is a light oil with neutral taste and flavour and is perfect for all types of Indian cooking including deep frying and roasting, as it does not change the flavour or taste of any preparation.

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